We are Martin and Jolanda and we love animals a lot.
For many years we have been breeding Shih Tzu dogs under the kennel name Superstitious.
We have also bred Sphynx-cats for 16 years, our catteryname is Fatal Attraction.
We had never heard of the American Hairless Terrier, until we got an email from Kim.
She probably wrote a mail to Sphynxbreeders to inform them on this amazing breed.
She send us a lot of pictures of AHT baby's.
Martin fell in love immediately but I wanted to make a wise decision, because we already have so many animals.
We decided to take a look at the puppy’s in person and fell in love with Nora right away.
We had to take her home with us.
This was the beginning of our love for the American Hairless Terrier.




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